About Us

Our Heritage
Intelligent Dynamics was established in December 2000 as a loose confederation of like-minded technology and technical process experts; we were formally incorporated later, in November 2007.

What we do
We specialize in the generation and management of creatively efficient solutions to complex technical problems. Our primary business is technical consulting, thus we bring these solutions to industry to solve tough real world problems by advancing the state of the art. To support this we’ve developed a technology portfolio built on a foundation of unique innovations in the fields of electronics, software, systems, information technology, transportation, materials, power, and civil engineering.

How we do it
Our focus is on select and specific solutions, in product and in process
only those that are profoundly important to the future of our customers, and thus our company.

What we deliver
We respect our customers’ skills, talents and experiences and knowing these cultivate the best approach to achieve their needs; we add maximum and lasting value by tackling nothing that is easy — we leave the trivial to others.

Intelligent Dynamics, LLC is a:

People – Planet – Profit