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StatusJurisdictionPatent No.TitleFiling DateIssue Date
AwardUS10,163,315Localized Hazard Alert System And Method of Use5/18/201512/25/2018
PendingUSTBADistributed Management and Control System for Comprehensive Safety in Autonomous Conveyances10/02/2019TBA


Personal, Consumer & ResidentialAmbient Noise Compensation for Warnings
Augmented Location and Viewing
Software-Controlled Adaptive Focus
Microclimate Adaptive Refrigeration
Efficient Peltier Control for Portable Storage
Advanced Controls for Limited Spaces
Multichannel Audio Synchronization
Harmful By-Products Detection and Warning
Tracking/Mapped GeoSpatial Sound Reinforcement
Portable Hazard Avoidance
P2P Safety-Security Networking
General Industry3G Magnetoelastic Torque Measurement
Composition/Texture Detection and Filtering
Stochastic Noise Reduction
Enhanced Image Geo-Tagging
Optical Tracking/Analog Data Recovery
Micro-Distributed Control
Safety Infrastructure Augmentation via Remote Sensing
Remote Diagnosis/Adjustment of Machine Control
Portable Hazardous Environment Detection
Crosslinked Analytics and Response
EnergyScaled Portable Power
Advanced Load Management
Electrical System Compromise Detection
Aerospace / MilitaryCoordinated Close-Proximity Navigation
Event-Based Control System
Sensor Fault Detection via Comparative Stochastics
Transport / Construction /AgricultureAdvanced Trailer Dynamics
Distributed Remote Signaling and Control
Dynamic Condition Monitoring
Grade Crossing Intrusion Detection
MaterialsMacroscopic Electromagnetic Shielding