Safety in Software-Based Products and Services

Keeping end-users safe, and satisfied, in a dynamic and rapidly changing world

Technical Consulting

Providing the detailed knowledge needed in an increasingly technical world from nearly 40 years experience in development, manufacturing and marketing of products, services, and processes

Technology Development

Creation, refinement and optimization of products, services, processes, and technologies via fundamental invention, inspired innovation, and lifelong continuous improvement


Building a skilled, competent and ready work force, prepared for the unexpected as well as the mundane, and delivering a masterful application of technology and technological solutions

Related Services

Safety Engineering over the short term until internal resources are trained and in place; Contracted Safety Management for small organizations; Safety assessments and audits

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What are Functional Safety and ISO-26262?

Functional Safety is safety captured in instructions. Instructions for operating a machine, instructions for driving a car, directions for assembling a bicycle. These instructions can be written in a natural language, like English or Japanese, and executed by humans, or captured in software code to be run on a computer….

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Safety Management

Managers and executives have many responsibilities, the most important of which, on a day-to-day basis, is ensuring that their products and/or services do no harm when accessed, or are in use, by their customers. However just as fundamental is the responsibility to ensure that all people are safe, not just…

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Functional Safety and Autonomous Control (under standards like ISO 26262)

Keeping people safe in an increasingly autonomous world Autonomous conveyances, including but not limited to Automobiles, Other On-Road or Off-Road Vehicles, Vessels, Railway or Transit Vehicles, Aircraft, Drones, or Spacecraft, Transport Machines or Apparatus, are usually considered safety-critical because they are intended to operate in environments containing, and in doing…

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‘Sneaking Up on It’

Many safety challenges are seemingly beyond the ability of current methods to resolve, primarily because technologies to mitigate them have not yet been developed, are only now being conceived of, or are currently infinitely expensive. One important way to deal with these is to sneak up on them. Sneaking up…

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