Safety in Products, Services, and the Workplace

Keeping customers, clients, associates and personnel safe, and satisfied, in a dynamic and rapidly changing world

Technical Consulting

Providing the detailed knowledge needed in an increasingly technical world from nearly 40 years experience in development, manufacturing and marketing of products, services, and processes

Technology Development

Creation, refinement and optimization of products, services, processes, and technologies via fundamental invention, inspired innovation, and lifelong continuous improvement


Building a skilled, competent and ready work force, prepared for the unexpected as well as the mundane, and delivering a masterful application of technology and technological solutions

Related Services

Safety Engineering over the short term until internal resources are trained and in place; Contracted Safety Management for small organizations; Safety assessments and audits

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Free Guide: Conquering COVID-19 Return-to-Work

The world has changed, very suddenly. How do we handle it? For many of us it’s asking a lot for us to join the effort to help subdue the coronavirus. Not just medical professionals, or first responders or supply chain specialists in the transportation of groceries β€” every retailer, restaurant…

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Developing a COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Planning is being seen as critical by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and many state governments, prior to businesses and organizations beginning a Return-to-Work transition. Many third-party templates are being circulated as starting points for formal plans detailing this work. Unfortunately most of…

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Safety Management

Managers and executives have many responsibilities, the most important of which on a day-to-day basis may well be ensuring that their business remains viable by doing all that is necessary to make sure it is successful. However even more fundamental than this is the responsibility to make sure that people…

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Applying ISO-26262 to COVID-19 Back-to-Work

How can we apply a safety standard intended for the development of electronics and control systems on automobiles to the creation of safety solutions that will ensure that customers, associates and personnel can return to work safely? Here’s how: Aspect of ISO-26262 ISO-26262 as normally employed ISO-26262 as applied to…

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