Analyzing, Understanding and Respecting Failures — Analysis of Negatives

It’s quite easy to design solutions to problems, even very tough ones, but it’s difficult to know when you’ve completed the task optimally. Even novices can come up with excellent solutions — they might not be elegant, or simple, or efficient but they will usually serve the purpose. How do you know when you have the optimal solution?

One step in the process of developing a solution that is most often overlooked is what we call Analysis of Negatives. Many people can generate a solution, or less often a handful of them from among which to pick the best. Most often they skip the next step, which is to study the ways in which those solutions might come up short. This usually happens only in specific situations, and in conjunction with a hardware failure, or with unanticipated conditions.

The tiniest overlooked detail, if it’s not prepared for, could easily hurt someone. Analysis of Negatives is our technique for finding the weak links, especially down to the very smallest.

We leave no stone unturned. This is a business for problem-solvers who are obsessed with details. When people’s lives, health or welfare are at stake the one you miss WILL come back to haunt you.

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